New Collection, Old Presentations

I finally found a quiet afternoon to pull together a set of my old presentations from the Renesys and Dyn Research days, and reconstruct the timeline. Thank goodness for the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine. I’ve also embedded videos when they exist, so if you start at the beginning, you can watch me gain weight as the years pass.

It was nice to realize how much regional content in here from conferences like NANOG (North America), MENOG (Middle East), and ENOG (Eurasia). We were telling the story of the evolving structure of the Internet, using datasets and services that (sadly) don’t exist any more, like Renesys Market Intelligence.

There’s a little of everything in here over the years: earthquakes, power outages, BGP hijacks, submarine cables provisioned (and cut), new providers gained (and lost), the painfully slow rise of IPv6, governments figuring out in real time that they could shut down the Internet to keep the lid on revolutions…

Let me know what I’ve forgotten.